The couple's lack of affection is a sign of irretrievability

 After two people get married, all the romance is replaced by triviality. So what's the lack of affection? If your marriage has reached this point, be brave and embrace a new life.

  A couple's lack of affection:

  No more sweet talk

  As we all know, it's easier to get along with your wife when you sweet-talk to her and make fun of her.

  The way you speak to your spouse is one of the elements that make a relationship harmonious. There are many ways to express a meaning, depending on how you say it. It's a bad sign if you're no longer interested in sweet-talking to your partner.

  Be especially social

  Both are busy attending parties or parties with friends to avoid intimacy. When they are alone at home, they keep the TV on and don't want to talk much.

  3. Ashamed to put the photo of two people on the table

  There is no photo of you in the room, and if there is, it is left in a pile of litter under the bed, covered with dust. That's when you need to reflect.

  The clothes you wear on your first date no longer fit

  A us study revealed that of 2,500 women interviewed who said they were unhappy and unhappy in their relationships, the average person gained 54 pounds in the 10 years after marriage. "For some women, gaining weight can increase their dominance and sense of achievement in the home, while for others it can protect them from unwanted sexual harassment and, of course, reduce their husbands' interest in it," said Richard, a psychologist who carried out the study.

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 The latest refinement of the bridal chamber

Choose the rope

  The bridal chamber game involves preparing some red ropes and then entangling them all together so that the bride can hold one of them. When they are all ready, let the groom choose the same rope from these ropes that the bride holds. If the groom successfully chooses the right rope, he can kiss the bride. If you make a mistake, you will have to accept some punishment games, such as drawing a face with a marker.

  Sweet lips treasure

  The groom lies on his back in four chairs, and the brothers look around. The groom has 8-10 items on his body, which can be small sweets, beef jerky, etc. The bride rolls around with her eyes covered and then USES her "fragrant lips" to collect all the little things from the groom. Hint: the groom can say to the bride, command her left or right.

  18 toothpick

  Around the apple with a toothpick to enough, breeding deep enough, and then use a rope tied down, moored in the groom all around her neck, at the other end of the toothpick apple hanging in the groom abdominal position, has asked the groom all jacket, show abdominal skin, and the bride is not borrow the hand under the condition of parallel with the mouth out 18 toothpick.

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Wedding gifts are given with sincerity, not at will

 First, pay attention to when giving wedding gifts, do not put donkey's lips on the horse's mouth, let people feel you are not at will to fill up, but not a little sincerity.

  Second, be careful not to fall for the "evil" and let the new person think you are deliberately provocative and disagreeable.

  Third, when giving gifts, it's best not to give them to your wedding. The so-called "return with a peach to lee", "li" and "peach" can be quite costly, also can be slightly more expensive, but absolutely cannot be similar, cannot the other party send you a crystal necklace, you also return a crystal necklace to her. It makes people wonder if you were born in charge of accounting, calculating, and unhuman.

  Fourth, pay attention to the gift grade. Expensive wedding gifts don't necessarily have a taste. Don't give homemade gifts that look grand but are actually shoddy.

  Fifth, pay attention to the gift has no special meaning. Wedding gifts are sure to be associated with a happy marriage, long life and early birth of a son. A random gift that isn't tied to any of these will make you wonder if it's a memento of joining an event and turning around.

  Sixth, pay attention to whether the gift is a few years old. Unless be famous big brand is special classic, the style that is talked about by people to now, still send the new style that gives out at present, otherwise the person is likely to suspect you are to turn over the thing in the case bottom to give a person.

  Seventh, be careful not to give gifts on the surface. There is a girl who often plays basketball. People naturally think that she likes things related to sports. If she gave her a pair of sneakers when she got married, it would make her laugh and cry.

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 Korean bride that day hair beautiful hair marry him

This simple flower bud head, match a crown hair to act the role of, pure and beautiful, the hair with earlobe female flavour is dye-in-the-wood, also Korea flavour is dye-in-the-wood.

  This style of Korean style bride hair tied up a simple ponytail, thick side parting bangs show elegant female flavor, side parting long bangs naturally swing down, decorate a delicate face.

  Low hair bag is mixed with the hairpin that go up gently beautiful to show vogue, and pearl earring photograph echo with it, more beautiful.

  Clever before the forehead of the bang before the delicate bud texture, as if the petals of a flower in full bloom general only beautiful moving. Tie-in towering bud head to tie hair, youth is permeated do not break feminine flavour again.

  In the middle part, the hair is clear and neat, the long brown hair is woven into a full three-strand braid, winding along the head shape, the full shape is sweet and attractive.

  The elaborate face for the wedding will shine brilliantly. The long, glossy curls of hair tied into a sweet princess's head, the graceful curls unfurling gracefully, and a floral crystal hoop, ensure your happiness to soar.

  The bride with short hair is beautiful too! The short hair irons the wave that restoring ancient ways breath extremely thick coil, a delicate hairpin makes ornament slightly, distinctive lasting appeal is reflected in an instant.

  This kind of dew forehead long curl hair is fluffy and full, white hair act the role of ornament rises, elegant romance.

  The bride's hairstyle need not be very complex necessarily, can tie loose long hair into horsetail, send out languid and lazy aesthetic feeling, become the bride of tender and beautiful. Simple and beautiful.

  Inclined bang sea collocation is contracted braided hair half tie, give a person lovely feeling, tie-in on delicate hair act the role of the role ofing is very shining.

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 The bride's attention to holding flowers should not spoil

 1. The bride holds the flowers in her hands.

  The bride holds a flower to should choose exterior exquisite clever beautiful and beautiful and colourful flower. Such as rose, lily, gladiolus as the main flower, then choose blade less, pattern fine line all over the sky star, dancer, high, radix asparagi, etc as the lining of flowers, make have both red and green, the size of the match.

  2. The implied meaning of the bride holding the flowers in her hands.

  The bride holds a flower the choice also pays attention to its happy and auspicious implication, do not because a certain preference for a certain flower and ignore its implication. For example, a bouquet of flowers made up of five clawbacks (mate), ivy (marriage), and kelp (union), which means: love by marriage, mutual respect for a lifetime.

  3. The bride and the maid of honor should be of the same kind, but should be different.

  On the wedding day, both the bride and the maid of honor should hold handfuls of flowers. Bridesmaid flowers should be of the same kind as the bride, but should be distinguished. It is ok to try to differentiate on tonal go up and the size of bouquet commonly, bridal flower should bigger, more bright and dazzing.

  4. The correct holding posture should be paid attention to.

  Always keep an elegant floral posture, hands closed, bouquet held to the chest, stand upright, walk naturally. Must not be a single flower hold, random swing, such as not dignified, also cannot speak at will people joke, an entirely improper attitude of responsibility.

  5. The bouquet should be in harmony with the bride's skin color and figure.

  Tall bridal bouquets should also grow larger, and fair-skinned bride bouquets can be more colorful. At the same time, the bride that wears condole belt wedding dress holds a flower to be able to bigger, more enchanting a few, such ability foil the sex appeal that gives a bride and attractive.

  6. Pay attention to the style of the bouquet and hold the flowers according to different styles.

  If the bridal bouquet is towed, the handle should not be exposed. If it is circular, the handle must be well decorated with delicate ribbon.

  7. Select bouquet based on different wedding dresses.

  A simple wedding dress with a large number of embellishments on the chest, an oval bouquet and a waterfall bouquet are available. Elegant slender wedding dress with a few white and green horseshoe flowers gently in the wrist, then particularly elegant; A slim upper body, open skirt wedding dress, with a rose bouquet assembly line.

  Remember to throw your bouquet.

  At the end of the wedding, the bride throws out her bouquet of flowers, which means that whoever gets it will be the next person to walk into the wedding hall.

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 Create your own wedding dress

Virgo girl: a strapless wedding dress

  Virgo brides are pure and demure in appearance and are particularly attractive in white gauze, but their aesthetic is quite rigorous, and any style they think is too popular, or even too complicated, will be eliminated. Virgo is especially good for straight, clear hair. Wear a strapless dress with a necklace, or a pair of perfectly cut earrings.

  Libra girl: elegant and simple wedding dress

  A libra in the face of life's decision to choose wedding dress will revolve, they will be in high wavering between paragraphs is concise and lovely princess, but libra bride once chosen ideal white gauze, others again also do not need to worry about them, because the white yarn must be the most suitable for their unique temperament of the sweet.

  Scorpio girl: romantic and dreamy wedding dress

  The mysterious Scorpio bride, with her hands up and feet up, tells you, "I don't need a fancy dress. I'm the most beautiful bride." Women in Scorpio are the real source of Scorpio's female attraction. This may not be the way you normally think about Scorpio women, who may be witty and may have noble qualities, but it's hard to associate them with femininity. But if you ask a Scorpio woman's lover or husband, their answer must be yes. Ingenuity and brilliance must be their first two requirements.

  Sagittarius girl: gorgeous and stunning wedding dress style

  The Sagittarius bride jie is untamed and advocates the creative space of freedom. She is an absolute activist and cannot stop for a moment. Sagittarius brides can opt for a dinner party dress with a high color palette, such as golden yellow, blue, or bright mauve, which is perfect for her lightness. As for holding a flower, might as well surprise the world to choose a sunflower! It's your lucky light, and like the Sagittarius bride, it's always bright.

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Wedding ring matching principle and leather bag matching

 The collocation of the bride at the ceremony is very important, it is a relationship with you in the wedding of sparkling how to become the protagonist of the whole scene - -. Today small make up as long as bring for everybody is the wedding ring collocation principle, more have the small detail collocation of diamond ring and leather bag collocation to analyze.

  A wedding ring

  Mix and match diamonds of different shapes and different cutting tools to create a different look. Here we suggest you try using the beauty of round, oval and square of some mix and match, the benefits of such collocation is made with a unique layer, according to the different shape of diamond to the collocation of hybrid advantage is that can freely according to our own state of mind to carry out different collocation, especially suitable for those people use of personality frankness.

  A wedding ring

  Choose different material to undertake collocation, in this kind of collocation solution, we can put some of the same style ring cascade with wear, so that we can very easily create a stunning effect. If we install a diamond in the ring, then according to their own love match on a few different metals, that are unusually well. We can again a little bit bold, rose gold, platinum, mix to diamond different collocation, the feeling is more remarkable! Such a ring combination would be a perfect visual feast. If be those gentle and quiet girl so collocation, can foil the attractive elegant demeanour that gives their individual character extraordinary certainly.

  A wedding ring

  The different collocation of colour, also be a kind of very individualistic way necessarily. Have you ever thought of combining a sparkling diamond with a gorgeous gem? If you choose a single platinum and sparkly diamond ring to create a dazzling glow, you may be a bit behind. Don't you want to be behind The Times? Then mix different colour collocation are together, please put a dazzling diamonds and a multicolored stone setting on your ring, think about it, show whether a layered shine? This is bound to give you a rich color sense. Let you easily become the fashionable personality of the avant-garde beautiful girl!

  A wedding ring

  Use a brand under the different series of rings to match, with different styles to show their own different elegant demeanor. With diamond ring series, gold series, platinum series of diamond rings together. Let you feel enchanting, let you add a kind of enchanting charm on elegant and sweet easily

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 What shoes do the bride get in winter?

 Winter is the peak of marriage, it is natural for new people to be happy, but in the winter marriage, the bride is very entangled in what to wear married shoes, but want to be beautiful but the feet are frozen, so what kind of shoes do wedding brides wear in winter? The bride's wedding shoes are the key to purchase, hoping to help new people.

  What shoes do the bride get in winter?

  What shoes do wedding brides wear in winter

  In winter, there are some researches on the selection of bride's wedding shoes.

  One, leather shoes

  It looks like texture, and it can be worn later. It's more practical. It prefers anti fur. It looks very good.

  Two, silk wedding shoes

  The shoes of this material look more festive and more Chinese, but they may not have the chance to wear them later.

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How do you choose a bride's gold jewelry

 Chinese people have deep feelings and special meanings for gold. For people in marriage, there is no shortage of precious metal. But how to choose the bride's gold jewelry? Below the net will give professional advice in turn, let you do a huang jintong under the guidance of experts.

  Where did gold come from? How much does the earth contain?

  A: gold is A natural product that exists free in nature and cannot be artificially synthesized. It's a metal that humans discovered and used earlier. As it is rare, special and precious, it has been regarded as the first hardware since ancient times, with the title of "king of metals". The world's gold reserves now stand at 89,000 tonnes.queeniebridesmaid.co.uk

  What are the properties of gold compared to other precious metals?

  A: the physical properties of gold have good chemical stability, with A density of 19.32 grams per cubic centimeter, A melting point of 1063 degrees, easy to forge, easy to extend and easy to wear. Gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Gold is the symbol of wealth and power. Gold plays the role of wealth and power in history and culture. In ancient times, gold was often owned by emperors or nobles. Even in countries of different faiths, gold is used as a sacrificial vessel and as a decoration to protect the image of the gods. Gold also plays this role in modern life. Gold is the world's gold reserves itself the economic value of gold in the field of monetary, political life, social culture plays a special role, such as distribution, value, collection, investment, appreciate, and value stored value, wearing a decoration, etiquette, communication, etc.

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 Best place to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon

It's time to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city and take a breath of fresh air from your honeymoon. Today I'd like to share some of the best places to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon, and if you're a natural and healthy traveler, check it out.

  Under the dome is the best place to go on a lung-clearing honeymoon

  Halstadt, Austria: the most beautiful town in the world

  More than 3,000 meters above sea level, the mountains and clear lakes make halstadt a paradise on earth. The color of the mountains reflected the lake into a dark green, from the lake gradually to the lake into a pale blue.

  Boda, Thailand: watch the murals and feed the fish

  Among Thailand's small islands, poda looks unremarkable, with beautiful white sand beaches, deep blue water and shallow coral reefs. The island is shaped like an axe and a chicken head, and the cave paintings are one of the symbols that distinguish it from the other three mysterious islands of Jimmy. So now that you're on borda island, it's important to see some of the cave's ancient murals. If you find the murals too static, feed the fish. Doa island is to feed the fish of the sea, as long as the hands of the bread into the sea, there will pop up thousands of different species of tropical fish meal to eat bread, but tourists take care not to place excessive bread, so as not to cause water pollution.

  Raynor, Norwegian village: the most beautiful village in Norway

  Reine is located in the southeast of Norway's lofoten islands. Despite its remote location, it attracts many tourists every year. Because of its purity and beauty.

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